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I've had my Mac Plus for quite some time now and I still use it. It is the longest lasting appliance I've ever owned, and it not only still works, it's quite useful and productive. The Mac Plus Site, in short, began in the Fall of 1995 at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. After belly aching and whining for several months I was able to obtain my own homepage account. The page was hosted by none other than and experimental UNIX Server,(Yuck) sitting upon the desk of a wanna be Systems Administrator. (NOT ME) Anyway this machine is and was called the Voice Machine, or simply I grew extremely tired of typing in garbage like "chmod 645 public_html/mypluspage.html" every time I wanted to change privileges on an HTML.

So here is what I did to escape the BIND of UNIX. The Plus Site was being hit quite a bit. I was being bombarded with positive and negative comments, and a lot of questions. I try to answer every e-Mail I receive regarding the Plus. While I'm not an expert, if you have a question and I can answer it, I will.

Anyway due to the overwhelming response to this site and apparent need for Plus owners, new and old, to have a resource for the Plus, I have moved the site. The Mac Plus Info Site as it is coined, is now sitting on a Co-Located Server at It was running on a Macintosh Performa 638CD, believe it or not. Incidentally this is the same machine that I used to originally author the Plus Site. It was being served via WebStar 3.0beta, and its mail delivery was handled by Mia.Net's Mail Server, a Work Group Server 8550/200. (There's nothing like an ALL MAC ISP!) Anyway, the site is now served on a G3 running WebStar 4.4. Mail services are now handled via a G3 running EIMS (Eudora Internet Mail Server). The old Performa 638 that I used at college is still running!!! I am using it as a Web Cam at work. The web cam is a X10 color cam.

Now when I got a new PPC with all the bells and whistles, I let the Plus do the printing etc. as a RIP/Print server so as not to waste time waiting, since I don't like to use background printing. Of course those days are over and my Mac Plus sits idle at the moment.. Actually I have 4 Plus's in all. 2 are operational, but idle, one (which my wife picked up at Good Will for 10 bucks) is operational as well, but is also sitting idle. One of them is Black! Finally the last one is a MacPlus Fish Tank, which I made some time ago.

I now use a G3 B/W tower and an iMac RevA as my main work stations at work. The iMac's CRT died recently, so I turned the box into an Irack running OSX. You can check that out by clicking here. And have a PowerBook 1400, upgraded with a Sonnet G3 and PowerPPC 6400/200 again, upgraded wit a Sonnet G3 processor at home.

I hope to get all three of my working Plus's up and running web servers by years end as a goofy project I have brewing.. I also recently acquired two more Plus's donated to our project code named "Mr. TT". Basically I have connected 5 MacPlus's together via a Local Talk to ethernet converter so that all have web access. From there two will run as web servers, one as an email server, one as FTP, and one as a developmental server. One of the web server will be powered by an external hard drive, and the other will run off a floppy! Stay tuned. We have registered "" for the site. Expect it live this Fall!

If you have any questions or comments about the site, or the Mac Plus, please don't hesitate to e-Mail me at

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